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My Mom and I went over to her cousins (my second cousin? 1st cousin once removed? I'm not sure how that all works) house to see the little baby bunnies that her dog found (uh oh) in the back of her yard! No worries though, they are doing well and she is looking after them and keeping her dogs from looking after them! How super cute is this!?


We tried not to disturb all the little guys all cozy in their hole but this guy got out so we put him back safe and sound! Check out the little bunny feet!


We also took a walk through the nearby woods. This is my Mom's cousin's granddaughter, so I'm not even going to try and figure out how we're related! I couldn't resist snapping a few of her!

We were also lucky enough to see some horses that live near the woods. I just LOVE horses and would love to have one or two of my own, I only need a bigger yard, a barn, oh! and my husband to not be allergic…hum… I think I'm out of luck. 🙁



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  • Cheryl Oz

    {img}95_12{/img} I love the bunny feet! I want a baby bunny.

  • mom

    Great shots, Kel….especially of the little "nature girl"! (and who can resist those bunny feet)

  • Cuz

    I know just from looking at those pictures that the little girl in those pics has good genes. I can just tell these things …

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