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Happy Earth Day everyone! And if you are not on the Ideal bite email list by now you need to be! Check out this super cute dress that was in my "mama bite" email today (Note to friends and family: NO I'm not pregnant, I'm on the Mama bite email list so I can pass information like this onto my clients and stay current and in the know. So please refrain yourselves from filling my comment box with "Are you pregnant!" or "I want grandchildren" comments) Sorry you all had to see that, but sometimes I have to get tough with them. Now back to our regularly scheduled post:


This little dress is made from a Man's shirt and can be found here!

Also check out these other cute eco friendly dresses here, here and here!



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  • Mom


  • Jen

    Kel, Are you pregnant?!!!??? Oh, and hey, I hear your Mom wants grandkids. 😉

  • taylor

    Phew! didn't want to find out that i was gonna be a daddy from a blog today.

  • Katie

    Ah darn—I was all ready to comment until I read your note to family and friends…now…I've got nothing 🙁

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