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I'm going to do it! This is the year I'm going to attempt a vegetable garden! I officially began the project yesterday so if any of my neighbors are reading this, now you know why I was standing the back yard walking back and fourth and looking up at the sky for an hour. If my whole yard wasn't lined with trees, figuring out the best and sunniest spot would have been a little easier! But at this point I have committed! There is now about a 5' by 5' "hole" in the backyard where the grass used to be, and, by the way, wasn't very easy to remove! So wish me luck! Any advice is appreciated!

Here are some images of some spring flowers from around my yard. I should mention that my Mother-in-law, that could give Martha Stewart a run for her money when it comes to gardening, has helped me greatly through the years and without her help, these plants wouldn't be thriving like they are!





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  • Mom

    How pretty! I hope your garden does well……I need to get some of the "overflow" vegetables! 🙂

  • chris taylor

    i hope it works- i love veggies. homegrown organic are my fav. And to all my local animal friends (rabbit's, birds etc…) – save some for the farmer ok! the potted strawberries last year were a joke. bunch of fruit bandit's runnin' around in livonia.

  • Cheryl

    So pretty… especially the bleeding hearts. I'm sure the garden will work out great!

  • Julie Vesnaugh

    Here are a few helpful tips
    Rabbits don't like the smell of marigolds so plant them to keep your veggies safe. If it isn't working and you have mad squirrels like me sprinkle cayen pepper around your plants, I won't explain but it works. Good luck!

  • Kelli Taylor

    Thanks Julie!!! That’s a huge help as we have lots of bunnies around! 🙂

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