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Happy Friday! I thought I would answer some of the questions I get asked offen.

Any suggestions for what to wear for our session?
Yes! Finding cute outfits for your kids and even your hubby and yourself (gasp) is part of the fun of doing a portrait session! I you feel it's necessary, I give you permission to shop! I can hear all the Mom's blaming their trip to the mall on me now! 🙂 I want your kids and yourself to look and feel fabulous! Here are my tips:

1. Avoid solid black and solid white. Think COLOR!!! Solid white and black can be tricky to photograph so just try to avoid it.

2. Don't worry about matching. It tends to look too forced and unnatural if everyone matches perfectly. Trust me, nobody is ever going to look at a family photo and say/think "this is a nice photo but why don't you all match?".  Did this one help with the stress level? 🙂

3. Be comfortable! You don't want to dress your kids or babies in something that will be uncomfortable for them. Kids don't hide their feelings so if they are uncomforable it will come across in the photos, especially if their clothes are riding up around their face, too tight or too big!

4. Think casual. Anything too formal usually isn't comfortable (see above) and my shooting style is casual so I like my clients to dress casual as well! 🙂

5. Outfits generally don't work for newborns. Newborns are tricky to dress because not a whole lot fits them well. Stick to onesies because these tend to be the only thing that REALLY fits a 5 day old baby! 🙂

6. Accessorize! Hats, bows, headbands, scarves, cool shoes, vests and leg warmers. Accessories can really add some pop to an otherwise simple outfit even for boys! is an excellent resource for unique, fun and cheap accessories.

Do you have any suggestions for a location?

I do have some locations that tend to be popular choices and I'm happy to make suggestions, however, I love when a client has ideas of their own! Picking a location that fits your style and kid(s) or family can really make the session unique, so if you have an idea please let me know! I do not need a "perfect" house, yard, park, etc. in order to get beautiful images! Your family is beautiful and they are the focus!
What is the best time of day to book the session?
Your kids happiest time of day is the best time of day to book your session, If the baby isn't happy, nobody is! 🙂 However, when possible I do try to avoid the harsh mid day sun!  If your baby's nap time changes between the time you booked and your session date and that is nap time now, please let me know and I will do what I can do move your time up or back.

Can I reschedule if it rains?
Yes, if you have your heart set on outdoor photographs and it rains on your session day who am I to mess up your dream? I can't make any promises on how soon I will be able to fit you in but I will do my best!


I hope this helped some of you!


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