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I got a little inspired this Spring and successfully talked Chris into a few household projects. 🙂 But I admit, it was a *bit* overwhelming at times! Thank goodness they wrapped up when they did because I have been SOOO busy lately I don't know what I would've done! 

First up, the bathroom. Our only bathroom. Redoing your only bathroom in the house can be a bit of an inconvenience. Thankfully we stayed at my parents house a few days while this was going on. How come nothing goes as smoothly as it looks on HGTV?

Before…I realize the before photo doesn't look that bad but trust me, the flooring was horrible and so was the bathtub, which I don't have a photo of.


After! Ta Da! Yes, I like the color blue, but I swear it's a totally different color blue. I'm standing in the tub for this second shot! And I need a white pot for that plant.



Then I had the brilliant idea that we didn't have enough going on and that we needed to redo our patio. Yeah… Well a big shout out to my Dad and Brother who helped me dig out and haul away all the concrete that was our old patio. I don't have a before photo because I was SO excited to get started I guess I forgot! Trust me, it was baaaaad. About this time with both projects going on, Chris was ready to kill me.

During…you can see how big it was…it was A LOOOOOOT of concrete!



After! It turned out SOOO great!!!! A HUGE shout out to Roger and his men who installed the patio!!! They did an AMAZING JOB and got it all done in ONE day!!! So if you're considering a new patio give my man Roger a call! (810) 602.7015. These photos really don't do it justice.



So lastly, because all that wasn't enough, I decided to do a veggie garden this year! It's my first time so this year is experimental. It's going well so far! So here's some photos of it in progress.


I can't wait to have a nice yummy salad!


I need to get out there again and weed!


Grape tomatoes!

So that's it!! I think it'll be awhile before I talk Chris into any other projects.

Have a great weekend!


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  • mom

    If you decide to do any more projects, Chris might just decide to live with us permanently! ha Yes, Roger & his crew did a FABULOUS job and so quickly too! (not that we minded you two & the granddogs staying with us…..) 😉

  • Jennifer

    Everything looks fabulous! 🙂

  • c.oz

    The bathroom looks great! I was hoping to see the tub though — with the new shower doors! Maybe you can send me a pic. I especially like the subway wall tile and the floor tile. It's amazing how the large tiles on the floor, make a smaller bathroom look so big. That would be perfect for our bathroom too! Ikea has tons of cute white pots!

    The garden is too cute and the patio looks great! I just want to pluck off one of those cute little grape tomatoes. Yum!

  • Katie

    The bathroom, patio, and garden turned out so great! I'm glad you shared those pics. Hmm…now you've got me thinking about getting some projects going. Nevermind..the motivation passed!

  • chris taylor

    it's true- i was ready to strangle her with having so much going on at the same time. but it all looks really nice. now if i could just be home every once in a while to enjoy it…
    and yes, my wife was ripping out concrete while i was sitting at work!

  • c.oz

    the lettuce looks delicious too! yum! so….. when are we invited over for a patio party? :o)

  • traci jardine

    Kelli-I love the new patio. Looks great.

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