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One question I've been getting since pregnant is about what I'm doing with the nursery, especially since we aren't finding out the sex of the baby. Well until this week, NOTHING. Yeah, if you know me, I like all things design, so something new like putting together a nursery is a lot of fun! But it wasn't until this week that I've even had a chance to start! Which for my type A personality and level of patience is completely unacceptable! 🙂 And you want to know what else is unacceptable, repainting said nursery twice in three days. Yeeeaaahhh. A big shout out to my Mom who helped me with round two. I'm usually decent and picking paint from those teeny tiny little swatches of color, not so much this time. The room looked like a neon glow stick. I'll spare you the gory details but let's just say there was paint splattering, mixing and there MIGHT have been a swear word or two in there. You know those days. Painting always seems like a great idea until you're in the thick of it. Then you're thinking how the walls don't look so bad just primed, it's kinda artsy right? BUT it is a happy ending and I do have a painted nursery! Can I get an Amen?! Next steps: get ceiling fan (seems reasonably easy), have my Dad install it (very easy for me) and get 3 HEAVY boxes containing crib & changing table down from attic and put together (more curse words). Stay tuned…


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  • Katie

    I'll I have to say is—nice!

  • mom

    AMEN!! (and I did notice the curse word but figured it was called for…..) XO

  • Beth McKenney

    Congrats on your pregnancy, Kelli! That is wonderful news!

  • taylor

    i'm just really glad i came home to a color kelli was finally satisfied with. i can't imagine a round 3! i've been working 90hr weeks and traveling so thanks to my in-laws again for helping out. LT owes you one & it looks really good.

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