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Unless your child is Suri Cruise, Violet Affleck or one of the Jolie-Pitt's, you probably don't have a photographer following them around 24/7 capturing every moment! And since a portrait session is a special event that doesn't happen every month, much less every week, I've decided to blog a simple photography tip a day this entire week (mon-fri) to help you Mom's (and Dad's) get better photographs of your little ones!

Now, let me start by making a confession…I don't know everything (I can practically hear my Mother laughing) about photography! 🙂 I know I still, and always will, continue to learn and master the art! These are simple basic tips I hope will help just one parent get a nice photograph of their kid. So for our first tip!

Tip #1. Use natural light when possible.

Photography is essentially, painting with light, and I could go on and on and ON about lighting! It's something I constantly continue to perfect and learn! But I do know this, nothing is as good as natural light, especially when it comes to photographing people! Natural light is very flattering to skin tone while camera flashes are pointed directly at your subject making for harsh unfaltering light! Most people use their camera on an automatic mode (more on this later in the week) and the camera decides if the flash is needed and quite frankly your camera isn't always correct! Just because you are inside doesn't means your flash should automatically go off, if the room seems well lit, try taking the photo without your flash! You may need to turn up your ISO setting. Play around taking the same photo with and without the flash to see the difference and to get an eye for when your flash IS neede

Here are some portraits I've taken inside using natural light only!

As you can see there is a large doorwall just to the left of little Jenna.


In this case, there were multiple windows just to the right.


And in this last example, the doorwall was right behind me which this little guy was facing.

Check back tomorrow for my next tip!


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