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My Mom received this rocking chair as a gift from my Grandmother (her Mother-in-law) at her baby shower for me over thirty years ago! So really it's not that old. 😉 After it served it's purpose in rocking me to sleep as a baby. It then made it's way into our living room where I remember it sitting with a TOTAL 70's style blanket draped over it (we're taking avocado green). It did suffer some abuse, however, specifically in the form of our golden retriever puppy, Cleo, mistaking it for a chew toy. Then my brother was born and it was back in the game. Eventually it made it's way to the dark basement…broken. It has been a long wait but it's back and with a face lift! Thanks to my Mom, the leg has been fixed and it's been given an eco-friendly paint job! I had a pad made by my friend Cheryl's Mom, and it's ready to go! Cleo's teeth marks are still there but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Before and After!

As a side note, I don't have much longer to go! I will be on Maternity leave until May 1st. Which actually is perfect timing for spring portrait sessions! I am putting sessions on my calendar now so if you are interested in a spring session, shoot me an email.

Last night at about 9pm this conversation happened:

Me: I'm SOOOOO tired, how do you have energy?

Hubby: Um…I'm not 9 months pregnant…



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  • mom

    I'm sure Grandma Martha is smiling down on you and happy that her gift will continue to rock her grandbabies.

  • cheryl

    it looks so cute! i can't wait for the final room photos. hellooooo, where are they?

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