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I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor day weekend! Speaking of labor, I wanted to share some commercial work I did recently. Check out the Ford Edge spot below to see the photograph of my wonderful clients, Lanny and Jenni's, super cute dog, Baron that I took. As well as the shot of the "caller" Max. Fun stuff. 

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Special THANKS to Beth and Sue! 


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  • Lisa

    Very cool! Can't wait to say, "That was taken by our photographer!" every time I see the commercial 🙂

  • chuckie Bessett

    Great job Kel. Hope Sutton is doing great. I saw another Sutton last week end. He was named after Sutton County is South Texas by San Antonio somewhere. Is that where you got the name? After Sutton County? Ha

  • Mom

    Wow….Purple Tree has gone national! I'm so proud! (Cute pup, Lanny & Jen)

  • Katie

    Kelli, That is so cool! I love the photography shots and I'm a Ford fan through and through! Very impressive

  • Christy

    Ok…this is COOL, COOL, COOL! Congrats, girl! Now we have to update your PPD portfolio even more! I can't keep up with you and Cheryl O!! 🙂 And that's a good thing!! 🙂

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