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Love this family! I've photographed them three times now and I always look forward to seeing them! Mom always picks great locations and cool outfits!




Thanks to the whole "T" family!


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  • Shari Thakady

    {img}1090_19{/img} loving the one of Spencer and …hard to get him without a posed smile and Ben was in a mood that day unusual for him. You got some great ones of Addie.

  • Kim

    Look how big these kiddos are! They are growing so much and Addie is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her dresses (especially the blue one!) Hope to see you guys at the pool soon!

  • Cheryl S

    I remember these beautiful children…..great pictures!

  • Alison H

    Shari, I went to high school with Anil. I was just browsing the blog getting ready for our shoot and I saw him in the Outtake shot. Just wanted to say your kids are beautiful! 🙂

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