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I read a blog post last night from another photographer and realized I'm selling myself and my family short (even though I already knew, the blog post inspired me to take action)! Although Sutton does have lots of photographs of himself, I don't take any "snapshots". So I have a new goal, to take time out to capture the not so perfect moments of our lives so we don't forget them. The mismatched outfits, food on his face, not perfectly lite moments. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with beautiful light and stylish outfits and I won't stop taking him out for "mini sessions", but some photos of him in his pj's playing in his room are just as important! So my new goal is to spend just a few minutes a week taking photos of our imperfect life and to help me keep it up, I'm going to try to blog one photo once a week. From now on, my camera will sit out at the ready instead of in my bag in my office.

P.S. I'm stealing her idea to add the date and time to each photo. Love this and am thinking that it would make a great album one day!

P.P.S. Maybe this will inspire me to keep my house cleaner.



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  • Jacqueline

    Very cute!! With our first daughter I took a picture of her every single day for the first 2 years of her life. Many were just shots like this- everyday moments. They are my most treasured things now!

  • Nana

    I love this idea…..and this photo! Don't forget to include yourself & Chris in these candid moments…..except for food on your face….don't do that.

  • Katie

    Such an inspiring idea! Love seeing little man reading! Makes me so happy. I'm equally impressed at the spotless room–that's talent 🙂

  • shalonda

    YAY!!!!! so glad you took my words to heart and "DID"!!!! love it

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