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“You’re a photographer?” They say.
“You must have such great pictures of your kids!” They say.
“You’re kids must be used to modeling for you.” They say.

And here about 90% of what I captured during Finn’s birthday images. You will notice he likes to throw around what we affectionately refer to as his ‘stink face’.

Tell us how you really feel about this Finn?

And here he is plotting on how to get me back in his teenage years.

peace & pictures,

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  • Kathy kondo

    Stink face or not he’s the cutest little guy! Hope he enjoyed his first birthday as I know you would have made it wonderful for him.

  • Nana

    Nana loves that stink face…although that “plotting” face is a little scary….

  • Lari Masters

    Love all the different facial expressions! These are still great photos!

  • angie condon

    I love these outtakes – they are priceless Kelli!

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