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…your newborn photographer wants you to know.

After writing my last post “Five things your family photographer wants you to know” found here, I thought I’d share another one for newborn clients. And I’ll say it again, although I can’t speak for every newborn photographer I thought these are some general thoughts that I think lots of us would agree on! 🙂

1. Please contact us before your baby arrives. Most photographers have a somewhat short window of time that they photograph newborns. With our schedule and yours, the best possible situation to get some options or even get a session is to contact your photographer before your baby arrives. Added benefit is that it is one less thing to deal with once baby is here.

2. We don’t expect a clean house. We totally understand that you’re tired, not feeling 100% and have your hands full. So we certainly do not expect a clean house, we’re happy to move things that may be in the way or in the background.

3. We expect to stop for a feeding, diaper change, spit up clean up, etc. Don’t worry about our time, we expect these things.

4. Make sure the photographer you choose shoots in the style you like. A photographer may have gotten fabulous reviews from your best friend but if her/his photography is very posed with a studio look and you prefer a more natural lifestyle look then you aren’t going to be happy with the results like your friend was.

And again if you missed it the first time…

You get what you pay for. Everyone has a budget, which is expected and totally fine. And you can find a portrait photographer at every price point but please remember you get what you pay for. If you hire someone at a low price point expect that they are less likely to have as much experience with the whole process (dealing with kids, their equipment and producing consistent work) as someone at a higher price point. We all had to start somewhere but the old saying tends to be true, you get what you pay for. Enough said.

And I have to finish with a photograph, of course. He was such a sweetie!

I hope this helps, so please forward on if you have a friend that’s expecting! 🙂

peace and pictures,


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