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our new family member! Mabel was finally properly bathed and groomed so out we went into the yard for a mini photo shoot. As a side note you can envision the scene of a newly cleaned, trimmed pretty dog and nice evening light. Add to that that this dog doesn’t know any commands like sit or stay yet, a four year old who keeps running in the background and a one year old who, at times, was quite literally hanging off my back.

But back to Mabel, our pretty girl is a 95lb Landseer Newfoundland. I want to thank  Susan and Ann with the South Central Newfoundland Rescue and her great foster Mom, Candy! Mabel’s life really began in January when she was, thankfully, turned over to the rescue from an Amish puppy mill in Ohio. We don’t know anything about Mabel’s life there except that the rescue was told that they were getting rid of her because her milk didn’t come in when she had a litter of puppies. Our vet has estimated her age at about 2 1/2 – 3 years old and we expect that Mabel wasn’t treated super great in that time. It’s the dogs like Mabel that suffer the most from puppy mills, kept in a crate just to breed puppies for money without a family to love, a yard to play in and walks to go on. It makes me super sad to think of the other Mama dogs still there because their milk does come in. Mabel’s only been with us for a couple of weeks but she’s already settling in and getting more comfortable with us. We plan to give her the life she, and every dog, deserves!

I pray for a day when laws will prevent puppy mills, more and more people will turn to rescues and shelters for puppies/dogs whether they are purebred or mixes and those who can will foster, volenteer or donate. So far this has been a very rewarding experience for us and Mabel has been exactly what we wanted and needed! 🙂

peace & pictures,

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  • Nana

    Mabel, you look so beautiful! You now have a happy home with people that will love and take care of you…just as you deserve.

  • Katie

    Beautiful…she found the right family for sure! So happy she can now live the life of a queen!

  • Kellie

    She is precious!

  • Ann Halatek

    I’m so touched and happy to see these pictures of Mabel. I’m so glad she has found you and your wonderful family Kelli! I’m thrilled for all of you!

  • kathy Kondogiani

    What a beautiful dog. She has found a wonderful home to welcome her into a loving family.

  • Carol

    Welcome to the family, Mabel! She will now learn what it is like to be a dog who is loved!

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