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Since an online workshop I did last year I’ve been inspired and motivated to do some personal photography projects. Photography for myself keeps the creative juices flowing. One night this project just popped into my head, photograph thirteen – thirteen year olds. It’s not a mind blowing idea but the age intrigued me, life between childhood and adulthood. An age that is often much less documented then the younger years and an age were the building self confidence by a good experience in front of a camera can be awesome! I really loved doing this project! I really truly enjoyed meeting all of the teens, hearing about their interests and seeing the different personalities come out in front of the camera. I also loved talking to their parents and hearing their perspectives. So I invite you to meet 13 – 13 year olds. 🙂

Alaina – 13 years old
Alaina describes herself as athletic and very social.
She has been a gymnast for 10/11 years and loves spending time with her grandparents. Alaina likes to hang out with her friends and babysit.
“People say I am always happy and have a smile on my face.”

Jake – 13 years old
Jake describes himself as athletic, funny and nice.
He plays baseball, basketball and football. Jake likes shoes.
“I like hanging out with friends. I like to play games and go to church.”

Katerina – 13 years old
Katerina describes herself as silly with a desire to learn.
She is an officer for her school’s National Junior Honors Society who raised money for the kids of Flint. Katerina is a dancer for performing arts dance theater and trains in ballet, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, musical theater and hip hop.
“I consider myself to be very artistic and my desire to express myself is a big part of my personality.”

Nick – 13 years old
Nick describes himself as athletic and fun.
He plays football, lacrosse and basketball. He does magic tricks and enjoys geography and hanging out at the pool in the summer.
“I like to hang out with my friends. I am easy to talk to.”

Marissa – 13 years old
Marissa describes herself as silly.
She plays volleyball and is a singer.
“I like music and to go to the mall with my friends.”

Maggie – 13 years old
Maggie describes herself as “I’m a little bit of everything.”
She plays the cello and likes music. Maggie has been dancing at a dance school for almost 11 years.
“My last name in French means “The Raspberry”, so my name is Maggie the Raspberry.”

Max – 13 years old
Max describes himself as silly and strong.
He is a big Labron James fan. He plays his favorite sport, basketball. He also likes playing video games, listening to music and watching movies.
“I like to go to dances with my friends, be we don’t actually dance. We just hang out.”

Zoe – 13 years old
Zoe describes herself as loud and silly.
She plays volleyball and softball. She loves all types of music and plays the violin.
“I’m not very athletic, but I love to run around and have fun. I’m a very tall person and I take up a lot of space but I love my height.”

Ben – 13 years old
Ben describes himself smart, silly, kind and courageous.
His interests include tennis, clarinet and video games. He is awesome at the Rubik’s cube and he fly fishes.
“I like to help out with kids with special needs like my sister Tessa.”

Ruby – 13 years old
Ruby describes herself as funny with a dry sense of humor.
She loves music, especially 80’s pop. She’s a VP of the National Junior Honors Society and likes going to movie’s with her friends.
“I don’t get embarrassed very easily but when I do, it’s usually because someone was trying to embarrass me!”

Griffin – 13 years old
Griffin describes himself as funny and athletic.
He involved in many sports including; basketball, swimming, golf and tennis. Griffin likes to walk his dog, hang out with his younger sister, play video games and watch movies.
“I am smart but I am not a fan of school.”

Rachel – 13 years old
Rachel describes herself as very silly when she is comfortable around her family and friends.
She has been working hard at pom for the last two years and just won Michigan pom state champs. She also loves shopping and hanging out at the mall.
“Going to dressy events is what I like to do most because I love getting all dressed up.”

Parker – 13 years old
Parker describes himself as smart, funny and musically inclined.
He plays tennis, viola and likes to play video games with friends.
“I have a rock collection and I’m good with kids.”

Thank you for all of my 13 year olds and their parents for participating!
peace & pictures,

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  • Cheryl S

    They all seem like such great kids! Love the photos

  • Kathy

    What a great project you’ve created. The pictures are beautiful and you’re so right about an age between childhood and adulthood needing some attention too. These are a group of wonderful young people that you have spotlighted….kudos to you Kelli. Job well-done!

  • Laura Short

    These are wonderful. Great project to get children involved in something and to help boost their self esteem. Well done!

  • Sherry

    Love this project!

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