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…because I just had to blog more then a couple of this family! They were so fun that the girls asked me to stay for lunch and when I was coming back! Not to mention incorporated two of my favorite things, reading and swimming! I love my job and this family!

Big sis – 10 years
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite animals: Horses and cats

Middle sis – 8 years
Talent: Swimming & cannon balls
Favorite animal: Cats

Little sis:
Favorite animal: Warthog
Fun fact: Learning to ride a bike

Great meeting you “S” family!
peace & pictures,

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  • Mary Lou Ondra

    As Brian’s mom of course I am a little swayed by the wonderful pictures, wish there were more. Our son has a beautiful family and a loving heart to go with it. We love them and miss them as we live in Las Vegas and try to visit as often as we can.

  • Katie

    Love the book pictures–how cool!

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