Anyone who knows me knows the way to my heart is to bring an animal to their senior shoot. Chichi brought her adorable puppy, yay! And then she went on to kill it for my camera! Meet Chichi,

Chichi is passionate about science and biology. She is the president of her schools Biology Olympiad club and works at a lab at UofM. She’s interested into going into the medical field.
Chichi is also an athlete, playing volleyball since she was in 6th grade.
She also writes for her school newspaper and loves playing piano and guitar in her spare time!!
AND on top of all of that she still has time to work with a nonprofit organization that raised over $10k!

Check out this multi talented beauty!


Chichi, you were so wonderful to chat with and, of course, I loved meeting your pup! 🙂


chichi • ann arbor mi photographer

Oct 26, 2018



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