Meet Corine! Corine is passionate about ethics, justice, and equality and would like to be a lawyer.She enjoys playing golf and made the varsity team.Corine is a city girl and Edinburgh Scotland is her favorite place!She is also a talented speechwriter. Check out Corine!   Corine, it was a pleasure hanging out with you and […]


Corine • ann arbor mi photographer

Apr 23, 2020

Meet Juliana! Juliana describes herself as adventurous, energetic and outspoken.She is passionate about the environment. (My kind of girl). And is considering a career in Natural Sciences. Yay!Juliana plays softball.Her biggest pet peeve is when people chew loudly! Check out Juliana!   I hope you and your family are well Juliana! kelli


Juliana • northville mi

Apr 7, 2020