Having two boys myself, I really love photographing senior boys. Admittedly, the boys aren’t always super pumped to get in front of my camera so I do my darnedest to make it better then chores! 😉 Aidan couldn’t have been nicer about my requests for him to play his guitar in public places but I think you’ll agree it was worth it! Meet Aidan!

Aidan plays the electric and acoustic guitar and loves music. And if you ask me, I say he has good taste in music since we realized we were both at the same foo fighters concert this past summer!
He used to be a runner but got hurt so now he manages the team.
Aidan’s thinking he’d like to stay in state and attend Michigan or Michigan State for engineering.
He spends his summers at his family’s lake house wakeboarding and surfing off the boat.

Check him out!


Aidan, you were such a pleasure to photograph!


aidan • birmingham mi photographer

Nov 27, 2018



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