Taryn’s session started out a little crazy when her dog Lacey was a little naughty but we got Lacey on a leash and her session back on track quickly! Taryn and her Mom are the type of people that are just so kind and easy to be around. Meet Taryn!

Taryn plays hockey for HoneyBaked. She’s been playing since she was seven and her favorite player is ex. Red Wing Valtteri Filppula.
She is planning on going into a career in medicine.
Taryn and her family have a place in the UP that they spend time at in the summer.
She’s looking forward to a cruise she’s going on next month and her senior prom!

Check her out!


I hope you are having an awesome senior year so far Taryn and have a good time on your upcoming trip!


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Dec 11, 2018



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