Meet Jack! Jack is an extrovert that describes himself as active, funny and caring.He’s a basketball player so I was glad he brought his basketball to our shoot and did a his warmups for one of his outfits.He also plays baseball and the trombone!Jack’s also a camp counselor at a camp up north. Check out […]


jack • brighton mi photographer

Mar 19, 2020

Meet Sabine! Sabine is super active, although basketball is her main passion she also plays soccer and wake surfing.She’s considering a career involving science.Sabine discribes herself as happy, dedicated and confident.She loves black olives! Check out Sabine!   So wonderful to meet and photograph you Sabine! kelli


sabine • brighton mi photographer

Mar 13, 2020

Meet Allie! Allie is considering a career in science.She is a competitive rock climber and have been on the national team for rock climbing! How cool is that?!She is also does cross contry and track.Allie is a middle child.Shout out to Allie’s pups who came out to her session! Check out Allie!   I hope […]


allie • ann arbor mi photographer

Mar 11, 2020

Meet Brianna! She is passionate about cheerleading and we had fun incorporating that into her senior pictures.Brainna was actually elected cheer captain!Brianna also likes to read and hang out with her friends and water sports at her lake house in the summer.She describes herself as hard-working, determined and generous.She also has a super cute pup, […]


brianna • plymouth mi

Mar 5, 2020

Meet Spencer! I’ve been photographing Spencer and his younger brother and sister for years and still can’t believe that he’s a senior! I hold a special place in my heart for my long time clients. I just love seeing the little kids turn into big “kids”!Spencer enjoys working out & snowboarding and goes up to […]


spencer • detroit mi photographer

Mar 1, 2020

Meet Sarah! Sarah is going to Michigan State in the Fall and is interested in pharmaceutical sales and chemistry.She is a dancer who dances for her schools dance team and for a studio.She describes herself as organized, dedicated and hardworking.Sarah is a fan of ice cream and the beach! Check out Sarah!   Sarah, I […]


sarah • ann arbor mi photographer

Feb 24, 2020

Meet Serena,   Serena decribes herself as an introvert who likes to be quiet and spend time alone. She fooled me because she was so very warm and friendly at our session! She visited went on 19 college visits and is thinking of majoring in libral arts. She is teh co-captain of her volleyball team! […]


serena • ann arbor mi photographer

Feb 18, 2020

Meet Katie,   She’s a twin and I also had the pleasure of photographing her twin sister Emily. Katie is passionate about traveling and likes to ski. She describes herself as a girlie girl who likes fashion and shopping. She did have some super fun outfits to photograph! Katie also likes to workout and do […]


katie • bloomfield hills mi

Feb 12, 2020

Meet Emily! Emily is a dedicated student and she was headed right to school after her session for a special assignment.She is passionate about writing.Emily loves to read, write, play piano and video games!She had her dog Lily join us for her session to help ease jumping in front of the camera nerves.  Check Emily […]


emily • bloomfield hills mi

Feb 6, 2020

Meet Henry! Henry is a talented athlete who is the captain of his Swim Team and enjoys the leadership role.He works at a rocket club.He was born overseas in England and used to have an English accent!Henry is interested in studing business.  Check Henry out!   I hope you are having an awesome senior year […]


henry • ann arbor mi photographer

Jan 16, 2020