Meet Kasey! Kasey loves the east coast and hoping to go to college out that way.She’s super active with cheerleading, lacrosse, & running.She’s also a tough cookie! She was dropped at cheerleading and got a concussion and hurt her back!If you’re craving pizza, she works at diminos! Check out Kasey! You were so much fun […]


kasey • ann arbor mi photographer

Dec 27, 2020

Meet Sophia! Sophia is looking at UofM or Cornell and is thinking of going into the medical field.She keeps busy playing field hockey, soccer, boxing, swimming and yoga!Sophia also enjoys cooking and baking.She also has two cute pups that I had the pleasure of meeting! Check out Sophia!   Sophia, I hope you and those […]


sophia • ann arbor mi photographer

Dec 20, 2020

Meet Abby! Abby’s not sure what she would like to major in at college just yet but is applying to UofM, MSU, Grandvalley and more.She likes to hang out with friends, her family and read.She also spends a lot of time running and is on the cross country team. She also likes to snowboard in […]


abby • northville mi photographer

Dec 13, 2020

Meet Brigitte! My session with Brigitte was after her graduation so we got to do some cap and gown images!She’s going to Bowling Green but not quite sure what she would like to do for a career yet.Brigitte is an artist who likes to draw portraits on her ipad.She’s a fan of reptiles and likes […]


brigitte • ann arbor mi

Dec 6, 2020

Meet Halle! Halle is thinking of a career in marketing and would like to go to MSU.She plays volleyball and has been playing for 10 years!Halle enjoys and definitely has an eye for fashion as you can see from her images!She loves traveling, being silly and baking. Check out Halle!   Halle, you were so […]


halle • ann arbor mi photographer

Nov 29, 2020

Meet Chris! Chris is actually a 2020 graduate so he had the advantage of incorporating his future school into the shoot! Chris is going to Norte Dame with an interest in math.He plays soccer and his favorite team is Manchester United.Chris has two adorable dogs that I was more than happy to have involved in […]


chris • birmingham mi photographer

Nov 23, 2020

Meet Olivia! I had the pleasure to photograph Olivia multiple times over her senior year! I’m excited for her as she moves on from Mercy to Grand Valley in the Fall!She’s the type of people we need more of in the world as she’s passionate about women’s rights, BLM, and climate change!Olivia describes herself as […]


olivia • ann arbor mi photographer

Jul 20, 2020

Meet Shaunak! Harrison describes himself as kind, athletic and outgoing.He’s a golf player.Shaunak is passionate about music and plays the piano.He loves being outdoors so his session being at a beautiful park made sense! Check out Shaunak!     Shaunak, I hope are well! kelli


shaunak • ann arbor mi

May 12, 2020

Meet Harrison! Harrison describes himself as funny, athletic, and outgoing.He plays baseball.Harrison is also musical and plays the piano.He’s also passionate about exploring new things. Check out Harrison! Harrison, I had a great time with you at your session! kelli


harrison • plymouth mi

May 4, 2020

Meet Corine! Corine is passionate about ethics, justice, and equality and would like to be a lawyer.She enjoys playing golf and made the varsity team.Corine is a city girl and Edinburgh Scotland is her favorite place!She is also a talented speechwriter. Check out Corine!   Corine, it was a pleasure hanging out with you and […]


Corine • ann arbor mi photographer

Apr 23, 2020